JJCF is looking to purchase a space of our own in order to provide a day and night care facility for children in the red light area.  

A space has currently been found and we are in the process of raising the Rs. 1 Crore ($164,220 USD approx.) to purchase the space.

If you would like to help please contact Dr. Robina Fredericks +91-9371-216882 or rubyfredericks@gmail.com

Below are some facts on the space.

  • Single owner, no tenants (if you are an Indian you will immediately see how desirable this is).

  • Approx. 1000 sq. ft. per floor of the building which is three floors (British terminology) with the terrace. The total area of the building including all the floors is 4000 sq. ft. from which 3600 sq. ft. is built-up area.

  • It has two entrances.

  • It has a pump room to pump water up to the water tank which is on the terrace.

  • All the taxes are clear.

  • The building was ‘cured’ properly which makes it is very solid.

  • We are getting the building at slightly more than ½ the market rate per sq. ft.

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